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Bonded core

As the heart part of the motor, the quality of the motor core directly affects the performance and efficiency of the motor. Most electrical steel sheets are assembled into cores by welding, bolt connection, self buckle or riveting. However, the welding fixation method will cause various problems such as short circuit at the edge of the core, decline in insulation, and deterioration of magnetic properties due to thermal deformation. Whether it is welding, bolt connection, self fastening or riveting, the iron core is fixed locally, the connection force is not high, and it is difficult to meet the high requirements for fastening strength. In addition, the welding and riveting methods are not applicable to many micro motors.

Hongda self-adhesive iron core adopts the method of bonding the motor punching pieces together to form the iron core as a fixing method. The motor punching pieces are self-adhesive fixed iron core laminations, which are fixed on the whole surface of the iron core, and the fixing strength is greatly improved. At present, it is widely used in the fields of marine exploration, electric vehicles, aviation, rail transit and military aerospace.

Self adhesive advantage

Efficiency improvement 5%
NVH(Noise, vibration, sound vibration) reduce
Iron loss reduction 15%
Stacking coefficient >98.5%
Parallelism of both ends <0.05
Temperature rise decrease ·
Light weight and small volume ·
Exquisite texture and beautiful appearance ·
Excellent heat dissipation, which can prolong the service life of the motor ·
There will be no material strain caused by riveting ·
Reduce the occurrence of eddy current ·
Reduce capacity loss caused by welding methods ·
No material stress concentration ·
Small clearance reduces resonance and improves stator rigidity  
Sheet can be used (T=0.1)
Minimize core loss and heat generation ·
Laminations suitable for thin / hard materials ·

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