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In November 1987, it began to build and successfully produced the first pair of motor molds.


In April 1988, the family factory was officially established and named "Zhangshu Hongda motor mould factory". Four employees: Song Hongjie, sun Dandan, song Haojie and song Lianjie. Equipment: 1 bench drill, 1 grinder, 1 vice. In July of the same year, one dk7716 wire cutting machine tool of Hangzhou radio special equipment factory was purchased, with a value of 235 million. This is undoubtedly a huge investment for the family factory whose profit income is not high and the factory has just been prepared for construction in March. From another perspective, it also shows the courage of the founder and the strong consciousness and desire to be specialized and refined.


In June 1989, one dk7725f wire cutting machine tool of Suzhou No. 3 optical instrument factory was purchased, with a value of 58500 yuan, accounting for 41.8% of the output revenue in 1988.


In May 1990, with the continuous expansion of the factory's production business and the increase of local sales and maintenance work, the factory recruited a group of new employees. Chen Cambridge became the leader of these employees. He began as an apprentice and grew into the director of the conventional mold assembly workshop after the cultivation of his master and his own dedicated learning, bringing more than 20 technical backbone and many apprentices to the company, Now the workshop he leads creates more than 63% of the company's total output value.


In 1992, the factory requisitioned 3330m2 of industrial land next to national highway 329 in Kuangyan Industrial Zone, preparing to build a new plant and expand the production scale. At the same time, with the efforts of all employees, the output value of the factory exceeded 1 million yuan for the first time.


In 1993, the civil construction of the Industrial Zone started and the main plant was built.


In 1994, the production workshop and attached houses were completed, and the factory began to move gradually. In that year, two Dk7725 wire cutting machines were purchased, with an output value of more than 3 million.


On January 18, 1995, the new plant was completed and the factory was renamed "Cixi Hongda motor mould manufacturing center". The factory was fully relocated and a grand celebration was held.


In August 2006, the company invested 20 million yuan to build standardized workshops and expert buildings in the West District.


In December 2006, the company was rated as "China's key backbone enterprise for motor core molds" by the China Die & Mould Association, and the multi-station progressive die won the "Premium Mold First Prize".


In 2007, the company invested 30 million yuan in capital construction and technological transformation, including 20 million yuan in equipment funds.


In September 2007, Xu Huajiang, Mayor of Cixi City, visited the company and praised Hongda’s outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation. In November, Ningbo Mayor Mao Guanglie came to Hongda for investigation and encouraged Hongda to persist in independent innovation and become a stronger and larger enterprise. Give back to society.


In 2008, the company was awarded "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Zhejiang Advanced Die Technology R&D Center";


In 2008, the company's 5# new factory building and new office building were fully put into use, and the output value that year exceeded 80 million yuan.


In 2009, the company withstood the impact of the global financial crisis, vigorously improved the quality and management level internally, increased market development externally, and maintained a stable development trend. The output value was 80 million yuan, the same as the previous year.


At the end of 2009, the company formulated the fifth five-year plan, with an annual increase of 20 million yuan. It is estimated that by 2013 the output value will reach 160 million yuan.


In 2009, it invested 8 million yuan to purchase 2 optical curve grinders, precision CNC machining centers and other machine tools. Ensure the driving force for rapid development in 2010. In the course of more than 20 years of struggle, our path has been difficult, but every step we take has been steady and steady. Advanced equipment and a team of talents are a powerful guarantee for us to take the road of specialization, precision and specialization. It is the catalyst and driving force for us to accomplish our goals, realize our mission, and achieve our vision.