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Laser Proofing

Hongda motor stamping center is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of stamping process and forming of motor silicon steel sheet industry chain, and provides fast and efficient laser proofing services for motor stamping industry. Hongda's "die free" production is superior to die based punch and wire cutting in precision and efficiency, as shown below
1. It can process any graphics: it can deal with complex and diverse products.
2. Make design changes flexible: there are no restrictions on hedge sheet design and optimization<
3. Shorten the motor R & D cycle: after the product drawing is formed, new samples can be obtained quickly
4. High precision: the precision is controlled within ± 0.01mm, which is better than the stamping precision of wire cutting
5. Fast speed: Quotation in 1 hour and sample delivery in 24 hours
6. Good quality: the notch surface is smooth and clean, without burr, pressure point, deformation and edge collapse
7. No mold is needed to reduce the mold investment cost
8. Quick product replacement: deal with complex, small batch and multi variety products
9. Processing different materials (0.1-1mm): applicable to various grades of silicon steel sheets, regardless of their hardness.

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